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Henanotec - What we do?

Henanotec offers a wide variety of solutions in the field of Nanotechnology. We aim to offer services at all stages of a scientific or technological project: consulting, design, implementation, support and development.

Design, growth and supply of advanced materials.

Services for conducting scientific / laboratory measurements.

Organizing, writing and participating in National / European projects.

Dissemination activities of scientific and / or technological knowledge

Supply, Installation, Configuration and Support of advanced scientific equipment

Our products

Ανάπτυξη δισδιάστατων υλικών

Growth of two-dimensional materials

Our company develops high quality two-dimensional materials, such as graphene and transition metal dichlorogen genes (TMDCs), using environmentally friendly techniques. We have also developed appropriate techniques for transferring the produced membranes to the desired substrates, as well as techniques for developing heterostructures between two-dimensional materials.

Σύστημα ελέγχου θερμοκρασίας

Temperature control system

Our company has developed a prototype temperature control system suitable for CVD nanomaterial development system.

Ανάπτυξη οπτικών διατάξεων

Development of optical instruments

The company through modern design techniques (e.g. 3D printing) develops flexible and customizable spectrometers and microscopes according to the needs of each customer.


Henanotec has a wide network of partners, such as national and international institutions and research centers. The goal of the company is to expand cooperation with each interested body enhancing the cooperation between them. Our goal is to provide enhanced high quality services in an ever-evolving and competitive scientific environment.

Our clients

About us

We can do

Growth & design of advanced materials
Supply of specialized scientific equipment
Consultant agency
Research & development services

Why to choose us;

If you are wondering why you should choose our company, below we present the reasons why you can trust us.

Because the people of Henanotec are influenced by the following ideals

  1. Responsibility
  2. Honesty
  3. Consistency
  4. Environmental awareness
  5. Respect for the customer and his property
  • Many years of experience: Our company cooperates with certified laboratories / institutes abroad and in Greece. Our executives have many years of experience in the field of advanced materials technology and are constantly monitoring for new developments.
  • Specialization: Our company specializes in the field of advanced materials and constantly monitors developments in technology with constant information about new products and technologies in the industry and we actively participate in a variety of seminars and conferences.
  • Products: Our devices are manufactured with a "Value for Money" philosophy, have high quality and safety, functionality, perfect design, and are made of high quality and reliable materials.
  • Consistency: The work schedule is followed consistently and always in consultation with you.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee you the result of our work.
  • Immediacy: Talk directly to the business owners in order to resolve any questions.
  • Competitive Advantage: Through the continuous monitoring of the progress in the science of materials and systems, we are able to offer you pioneering solutions.
  • Business Headquarters: Our company is located in one of the most central parts of the municipality of Thessaloniki (Aristotelous Square), where you can come and talk to us.
  • We are always here for you
  • We are constantly monitoring the health status of our systems
  • We take responsibility for our projects

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